Planning Your Trip to Big Falls, Belize

Whether you’re a veteran globe-trotter with thousands of sky miles or a first-time traveler, visiting a different country is always exciting!

But travel can also be confusing, so it helps to know what to expect when you arrive so your visit is hassle-free and more fun.

We here at Belize Extreme Adventures want to make your journey as simple yet memorable as possible so for those who don’t choose to employ our charter service from the Belize Airport, we want to make sure you are armed with the right information to reach our exciting destination.

The Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport is currently the only international airport in Belize. It’s a comparatively small airport but does offer foods, gifts, and services much like other airports, just on a smaller scale.

Once you arrive in at the airport, flights can be taken to each district in Belize through either Maya Island Air or Tropic Air and these flights are usually no more than 90 minutes in length. The flight to Punta Gorda’s airstrip is usually around 60 minutes but varies depending on the volume of passengers and stops. The cost generally ranges from $156.25 USD to $228.25 USD.

To get to Big Falls, there are a couple of different options: fly to the Toledo district and grab a bus to Big Falls, or take a taxi to the bus terminal in Belize City, and take a bus to Big Falls from there. Which method you choose will depend on your budget and your penchant for adventure but regardless of your starting point, bus rides certainly are good for sightseeing!

From the airport, there are taxis available to take you to the Belize bus terminal. The cost for this is $50 BZD ($25 USD).

From the bus terminal, you can purchase a ticket to Big Falls for $24 BZD (tickets are sold on the bus). The most popular bus line is James Bus Line (you can view their schedule here) and it travels the Northeastern and Southern parts of the country. There are also Express Buses through James Bus Line that are $28 BZD and have A/C and wifi and cut the travel time down by a couple of hours. There are usually two express buses each day.

Each bus has a conductor that helps travelers with their bags and is there to ensure you reach your destination. Simply tell the conductor you want to go to Big Falls Extreme Adventures at the Big Falls Bridge and they will tell you when you’ve reached your stop.

The 6-hour trip will take you down the Western Highway through Belize’s capital – Belmopan – and to Dangriga. From Dangriga, you’ll travel through the lush hills and mountains along the Southern Highway. Along the way you’ll see lagoons, forest (“bush”), Mayan villages and thatch houses. There are plenty of things to see through the windows of a bus!

The other option is to fly down to the Punta Gorda airstrip and take a bus up to Big Falls. You can grab a taxi from the airstrip (ask the employees at the terminal) to the James Bus Terminal in town. That’s $5 BZD (or you could walk – it’s only a few blocks). The cost for this bus ride is $4 BZD and the trip is approximately an hour long.

Whichever method you choose to make the journey to see our beautiful village and experience our exciting tours, we will be ready and waiting for you with beautiful, modern rooms, a picturesque dining area and bar, and plenty of activities that will make you collapse at the end of the day with complete fulfilment. 

Of course, if you want to go straight from the airport to your room here at Big Falls Extreme Adventures, we have plans that include shuttle service to and from our location, from either Belize City or the Punta Gorda airstrip. Simply contact us today for more details and we will make sure your trip to – and stay in – Big Falls gives you beautiful  memories that last a lifetime.